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Be Part of theAccess Revolution

The automotive industry is undergoing an unprecedented shift. Electrification, Connectivity, Sharing and Autonomous driving are reshaping mobility. We offer next generation access solutions to the vehicle manufacturers.

By our expertise in mechanism, electronics and system integration, we offer you the best in class charging experience.

Smart Charge Port Module

Smart Charge Port Module

Integrated electronics with vehicle LIN communication.

Gesture Control

  • One gesture opens and closes the lid
  • No touching needed


  • LED illumination & charging status indication
  • Full color display with  charging animation touch for high end user experience

Let your car welcome you by automatically deploying the handle as you approach.

Deployable Flush Handles

Ice braking function

  • no obstruction when opening
  • handle breaks the ice layer while deploying


  • rigid high quality feeling while deployed
  • no wobble effect

Puristic design

  • full painting of the cover ensures a clean design

A modern door handle packed with innovative electrical features, unleashing the creativity of vehicle designers.

Electrical Release Flush Handle

Design freedom

  • no limits in the design
  • enables flush surface


  • intuitive lighting when approaching the car
  • practical and welcoming

Intuitive connection to your car

  • effortless access experience
  • instinctive use

Electrified door latch with modular design concept and various smart features.

E Latch

Effortless opening

  • automatic unlatching of the door
  • electric unlocking
  • door ejector

Soft Close

  • automatic pull of the latch
  • no door slamming needed
  • adaptable seal force overcoming for closing


  • increased safety for cyclists when combined with collision detection
  • reduced number of latch variants thanks to electronic features
  • secure passenger opening after crash

Access your trunk through our comfortable and safe electric operation of the liftgate.

Spindle Strut

Scalable Toolbox

  • Compatible with different motor ranges and housing diameters
  • Permanent and freewheel brake
  • optional overload clutch

Core Drive Unit

  • modular toolbox to suit to any OEM platform
  • robust and noiseless

Power Trunk

  • drive unit dedicated to trunk applications
  • quiet operation thanks to balancing drive kinematics

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Minebea AccessSolutions

At Minebea AccessSolutions, we value a very diverse work environment. We work with people from a wide variety of backgrounds, combining skills and knowledge across all departments to provide the best solutions for our customers.

  • High Automated Components Production
  • Motors Assembly
  • Actuators Assembly
  • Complex Kinematics Assembly
  • Modular Drives
  • Stamping
  • Magnesium Casting
  • Zamak Casting
  • Plastic Injection
  • Painting
  • Automatic Soldering Machines
  • Laser Welding
  • Ultrasonic Welding
  • PCB Assembly
  • System Engineering
  • Hardware & Software Engineering
  • Brushless Motors Engineering
  • Automotive SPICE Compliance
  • ISO26262 Compliance
  • Modular Products
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Smart Actuators
  • Expertise in Vehicle Exterior
  • Expertise in Accoutics
  • Expertise in Crash
  • Expertise in Antenna design
  • Extensive Testing & Validation
  • Prototype production and testing
  • Cybersecurity

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